Ruth Allen


Ruth engages in repetition, reproduction and the singular as well as the interplay between pattern and randomness. Works are abstracted to resonate on many levels with organic forms, cellular structures and post-modern architectural compositions that proliferate in our natural and built environments.

Millefiori vases & bowls are a new, limited edition product range for Ruth in her Melbourne studio. Extending her passion for Venetian cane, Ruth has created an unlimited palette of colour and patterns in the form of Murrine cane, these canes are laid into a mosaic tile and then blown, this contemporary twist of an ancient technique creates unlimited design parameter’s within Ruth’s chosen forms. 


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About Us

The Veronica George Gallery is located in Melbourne, Australia.

This website was constructed to serve as a showcase of the gallery's current art glass stock, hand made jewellery and forthcoming exhibitions. The gallery was opened in September 2001, and is located in the heart of Melbourne's arts and antiques precinct, at 1082 High Street Armadale.

The Veronica George Gallery has a wonderful collection of art glass and jewellery by well known Australian Artists. There is a range of one-of-a-kind Art Glass to Studio Glass and Collectable's. The city of Melbourne, with its cultural and artistic reputation, provides a wonderful home for the Veronica George Gallery. Prestigious Australian fashion retailers, cafes and restaurants surround the gallery.

We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm. We send worldwide, tax free and insured.


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